Air shipping still delayed?

Hey I’m new and been wanting to buy a Shamisen off the store but I noticed the May update saying the air shipping was delayed and it would possibly take 1-2 months before even being shipped. Well its July almost going on August and I live here in GA in the USA and was wondering if the delay is still active at this time due to the virus. I’m ready to buy as of now but just want to be sure on the shipping time. Thanks! :slight_smile:

It’s best to get the answer from @Kyle_Abbott but in my experience air shipping is still delayed by Japan Post. I did not receive items ordered in March from Japanese vendors until June and July. I am still waiting for Japan Post to accept a package ordered in late April. However DHL is still shipping, on time I might add.

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Hello all!
Yes, unfortunately there’s been no change. I’m still waiting for a shamisen which was shipped in May. (I thought delivery would be faster to the west coast, but everywhere is slowed to a crawl.)

Japan has reopened EMS shipping to most countries in the EU and elsewhere, but the US is still cut off. It’s doubly worse now, as China is also cut from trade. Pretty much all shamisen accessories are made in China (by a Japanese company), and with trade/travel closed, suppliers in Japan are unable to fill their stock. So now with Japanese suppliers out of accessories, we’re only able to take pre-orders until trade resumes. :frowning: