Proposal: Intensive Shamisen Camp in Japan


Excellent! Thanks for your input, Eric!

We finally re-confirmed all the instructors (a few changes had to be made), and next week, we should have the official page, video, RSVP system and everything ready to launch! :slight_smile:

Nitta san and I are really excited about this. I think everyone will have a good time and learn a lot!


Yes. This sounds really amazing. I would also love to join you guys for some shamisen jamming. And the price sounds very affordable. Let me know how I can join on in if thats fine.


Hey Trevion! That would be more than excellent! RSVPing will be very easy. I’ll be releasing the official ShamiCamp page on January 1st, and all the information (including RSVPing) will be available there.

Ooh ooh, this is exciting!! I’m happy you can be a part of it! :smiley: