Shamisen from Goodwill


HAHAHA, Just now! I hadn’t been to for a while - (Don’t know why, it’s always so much fun!) but I wanted to take Aki’s minyo lessons! SOOO COOL! When are we going to hang out?? :wink:



Hey, if you’re around tomorrow night - Mike Penny is playing at Sozenji Buddhist Temple :slight_smile: I plan on going. Maybe we will finally meet! :smiley:


@ kyle_aaron: I’ve bought exactly same maker shamisen… However it takes a moment until it arrives.
Do you have already an video available for how it sounds? Would be great!!! :slight_smile:


Hi all…I have a few of the used plastic plectrums with the green stamped Fujimoto. You all confirmed the Fujimoto school where the long term teacher passed away in 2019. I think there is a video link somewhere of her and her group from the Buddhist Church practise group in Marin or San Franciso? That might yield more pictures of their shamisens…anyway this revived thread had me wanting to research this for fun too.