Shamisen Metal. Hope you guys like this music I wrote. New songs every week

Hello everyone!
I’ve recently started learning Shamisen. I bought the raven shamisen from bachido and have started incorporating it into my music. Please have a look at my YouTube channel in the links above and let me know what you think. I’ll be uploading new songs every week.


Welcome to Bachido!

You’ve got some talent there. You are off to a great start.

In my opinion the acoustic sound of the shamisen is better with less accompaniment, and would contrast the distortion of electric guitar more so in distinct sections, as metal often does. Switching from classical acoustic to metal shredding really drives some contrast. It makes the heavy sound heavier in comparison. Also the shamisen sawari effect will be more audible this way.

Thanks for the good advice! I will work on contrasting the two styles better.

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I like it! I’ve thought of doing a shamisen/guitar arrangement at some point myself.

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