Silent shamisen?


Did anybody tried to make one or seen one?
I currently have skinless shamisen and thinking to create a partial deck with koma to hold the strings and provide the surface for the bachi strike. Maybe even cover partial deck with cloth so it looks like a real skin from far away.
Any thoughts?

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There is another option: to skin shamisen with nylon mesh drum heads. Peoples done it for banjos, seems to be working very well.


Do you mean something like Kevin has in this video?


Not exactly, This is a silent koma to mute “standard” shamisen.
What I think about is an “electric only” shamisen with no capacity of producing loud sound without amplification, similar to silent guitar or violin.


Here the link:
Silent Banjo Sistem


I would say I’ve never heard of such a thing except I stumbled across the デコカラ / Decokara sanshin a few minutes ago. (It’s at the 9:55 mark in the video below)


Yep, something like this but with full size body.
I have ordered mesh drum head already. :sunglasses:


But what about the snapping sound which is an essential part of the Tsugaru style?


I am hoping to have it as the mesh would be tight as normal skin and transfer the sound to pickup. Sound reduction of 80% expected.


Was it the Remo Silentstroke you ordered? I saw a a demo of it on YT today and it seems heaven-sent for beginning-drummers (especially the people who live with or next to them :rofl:). I think Remo’s claim of 90% noise reduction is overblown but it definitely reduces the loud percussion to neighbor-friendly levels. It will be interesting to see how something like that works on a shamisen.


Yep, this is the one. Curious myself