Team Bachido: Train Travel for the Tour


I thought 10:30 is good, coz it would be nice if we go little early and can do little bit sightseeing @sapporo, as the next day we will be busy and won’t have time^^

Sapporo gourmet is also nice! I want to taste Sapporo ramen or soup curry:P

Remember check-out time is 10:00, and we don’t have much to do @aomori…So we can sleep in the train until the view gets greater after arriving at Hokkaido!! Hehehe^^

What do you think??


I agree with 10:30. The hotels are right next to the station, so we can have a relaxed breakfast at 8:00am or so and then head over there. Just a thought. Anyhow, yes, I agree with Kayo. :slight_smile:

Kayo, Sapporo soup curry is my most favorite dish!!!


If the hotels are close to the station, I am all for the earlier time.


Fufufu. Good! Kyle, Tomoko-san also recommended me of soup curry:P It has more ingredients than the one in Tokyo.


Okay, I just wanted to make sure. I know how y’all like your late night parties, so I didn’t know if 10:30 was too early. But if I don’t get a rush of strong opinions to the contrary by tomorrow, I’ll go with the 10:30 departure.


Hey, whoa… We do enjoy our partying, but we have never been late as a cause of it. In fact, the night Travis and I stayed up latest was the night we were first to the meeting point for everyone.

Even if we have imbibed, we will be on time xP


Witness. :wink:


Haha, okie dokes. Don’t worry, I didn’t mean to assume or anything. It’s just last year the schedule was already set when we all got here. This time around since we had the choice of a few options, just figured I’d throw it out there.


All right, early reservation made for 10:31-3:58! This reservation is for 6 people, covering Kayo, Kyle, Karl, me, Adrian, and Nahomi. (We’ll call it “The KKK and Jan” travel group.) It’s a special online-only preorder, so it’ll be a week before I find out whether we actually all got seats or not. If all goes well, I’ll pick up the reserved-seat express tickets next week and update you all on the final price.


If anyone else decides they would also like help with their train travel reservations, that’s fine. We can still help! We just can’t guarantee seat availability anymore. If you’re all right with that and would still like help, just let us know.


Hmm might not be a sound idea to bring my white Bachido t-shirt then :slight_smile:


Thanks, Jamie!
Me too, if anyone need Tokyo-Hachinohe/Aomori ticket, I can still help you. Let me know;)


Good news, everyone! The express ticket reservation was successful! The total cost came to ¥5,560 per person. Note: My additional convenience fee is payable in milkshakes.


Great Jamie!