Hey there! I’m Kyle! Think of me as Clippy on Microsoft Word. I’m here to make your shamisen experience the best thing ever!!

(Brief History)
In 2007, I made my first shamisen. I set up a camera to film the shamisen building process. After posting those videos on youtube, I discovered that there were many more people like me, yearning to play shamisen, or even make one themselves.

Being a giving soul (I always gave my broccoli to my brother, because I knew that broccoli was… good for him), I wanted to help those shamisen enthusiasts who didn’t have anyone to help them get started. So a year or two later, Shamisen of Japan was made. ( The very first English book to offer instructions for both playing and building tsugaru shamisen.

After orders for Shamisen of Japan kept coming in from all over the world, I realized that shamisen was not just popular only in Japan and one nerd in Santa Cruz, but was something more. It was an instrument rising out of obscurity and slowly spreading across the world. All these people across the globe had a genuine interest in shamisen, but due to the lack of shamisen support outside of Japan, it was very hard to pursue.

In Japan, there are shamisen schools you can get shamisen, meet other players, and of course, get instruction. I knew that it’s time shamisen players of the world have their own school. Thus, Bachido was created to give you all of the benefits of being in a shamisen school in Japan.

It has just been released, and I am already so pleased to see the initial reaction. I’m glad you are here, and hope you become an important part of the global shamisen community.

Keep up the twang!

Kyle Abbott (founder)