2019 Hirosaki Tsugaru shamisen national contest on YouTube


It looks like the contest will be live streamed again this year at the link below.

The first day’s festivities start in about 6 hours, and the heavy hitters (including Kyle this year!) follow on day two.


Many thanks for the link.

Is there a schedule of players posted anywhere?


Yes, there is a downloadable pdf on the contest’s site:
This link should get you there directly:
2019 第38回 津軽三味線世界大会パンフレットダウンロード


Found Kyle :slightly_smiling_face:

update: I guess the file wasn’t done uploading earlier. He’s at the 7:27:55 mark now.


Check out the A-Group Winner, total Badass!


Haha same! I didn’t even know he participated -surprise surprise! He did super well tho ~~