3 Shamisen with broken skin

I bought these at an antique shop

last year because the wood is still very beautiful and I thought it would be such a waste not to put them in use. I still haven’t found someone (locally) who can reskin a shamisen and I don’t think i’ll do a great job DIYing it. I’m planning to just buy a new one instead. So if someone wants to have them, feel free to reach out.

They come in 3 sizes and everything you see in the photos will be included, (except the strings, they’re already old and dirty). I have no idea how much the shipping fee and the process would be accdg. to your country for now. I’m in the Philippines. I’ll go and inquire once someone’s sure to buy them.

You can message me here or on IG @yanntasia

*by the way, please refer to these measurements:

“Hosozao” (9.7cm around the sao)
“Chuuzao” (10.5cm around the sao)
“Futozao” (11cm around the sao)

*Everything included in the photos (minus delivery fees) cost me around ₱35k(Php), however, you may offer your price, I want someone to make use of these shamisen.