A question on sao


Hey guys here’s a quick question. I’ve heard of replacement dou if in case the skin tears and you don’t have a spare or you need to perform asap. What about a Sao?

I’m guessing it’s more uncommon to just order a Sao but are there any issues with fitting it into the dou of the shamisen you’re using? Futozao for tsugaru shamisen etc


I’d suspect it has the same issues as having a back up dou. In either case the wood has to be shaped to be flush with the sao.

Since these instruments are largely hand made, there’s always going to be slight differences; differences which may be emphasized if multiple crafters are used.


That’s very interesting. If they had the dou it would be better in terms of having a proper fit rather than simply guessing the replacement Sao will fit or need some adjustments.