A song from al-Zaydi


I’d love to make you hear a song by Muhammad al-Zaydi, Iraqi oud player/singer


Let me know what do you think about


The oud is one of my favorite instruments, I love this!


Muhammad is one of my dearest friends, even if he’s still in Iraq


I mean, unfortunately there’s a difficult situation in Iraq, I guess… but I hope he can find hope in music to live better


Ben, can you please PM me? Because I can share with you other ieces by him. Muhammad is not only an oud player/traditional Arabic singer, but also loves singing Japanese anime songs, ahahah!


Ben, I mean I can share other oud stuff with you


But, if someone knows, the tuning method (except the string number etc.) is the same in oud and shamisen? I apologize…


It’s pretty different.

In shamisen, with a bottom note of C, your three options are CGC, CFC, and CFBb.

On an Arabic Oud, it’s C, F, A, d, g, c, and on a Turkish Oud it would be C#, F#, B, e, a, d.

The biggest similarity is that in sansagari on a shamisen all the notes are 4ths apart, and on the oud in C#, F#, B, e, a, d everything is 4ths apart. I’m not an expert on the oud by any means, but that’s the biggest similarity I can see.

I think the oud has other tunings as well, but none of them really apply to shamisen and vice versa.


Well… neither Alzaydi explained me that ahahah!


I didn’t mean it. I meant tnother thing. For guitar/violin/etc Western instrument, there are tuners (phisical or virtual), but… a friend of mine (who plays koto and jiuta shamisen) said me she tunes by ear, and also Alzaydi said me he tunes oud by ear. Is it common because they are traditional instruments, or aren’t tuners diffused in this area of musicians?


Oh! I see.

I always tune by ear for shamisen, and in folk music in general it’s pretty common. For playing modern pieces it’s probably a good idea to use a tuner (especially if playing with a band or with a Western musician), or at a concert where you want to be sure, but at least for practice or busking by ear is alright. I’ve also tuned by ear for a couple of concerts which went well.


Ian, I allready shared this, but would like to share it with the other


This is another song by two Amazing (maybe one less then the other) Arabic (one Syrian, the other I don’t know) guys
I know only one, the first who sings (Khaled Jamal). I don’t know who plays the oud, maybe him or the other?


Sakura, you may already know it, but I think this forum would be more efficient to share your interest in arabic oud : http://www.arabicouds.com/messageboard/


Oh well, first of all my name is not Sakura… and the forum is not functioning!


And also sorry for posting the song, because I only wanted to share it, nothing against shamisen! I love both Japanese, Chinese, Arabic music


Time ago, I wrote a thread regarding my name… anyway, why was this post deleted?


Patrick, can you please PM me? I want to say you something. I can’t PM you because of accessibilit


Also, I knew there was another Arabic instruments forum (mostly oud-related… so maybe Zaydi can be happy ahahah!)… but the problem is the captcha for me… I would like to subscribe (not because I have an oud… but to meet other with whose maybe we can do something… like I did with Zaydi…)