A thank you to Bachido and Kyle!

Hey Kyle ! Just wanted to say I’m so grateful for the lessons you have Taught me online ! Your courses are awesome ! I’m finally able to actually play the shamisen and it feels so good ! I’ve never imagined my self playing this because it seemed so complicated. As it is but that’s okay because that how we learn I’m 21 from mass and I have no type of teacher or other players around me other then your lessons on the screen in front of me. You have been great help over the past few months and have put my abilities past there expectations! I’m so grateful to you and Bachido!


Aw, thank you so much, Aaron! (So sorry for my late reply!) I’m so glad the materials here helped you get going! It’s interesting, isn’t it? Shamisen seems like such a complicated instrument when you first watch it played, and granted the bachi does take getting used to, but all in all it’s really much easier once you start jumping in. :slight_smile:

Btw, I know another fellow in Mass who plays shamisen. Taiko is his main instrument, but he has a really nice shamisen too. If you’d like, I’d be happy to see if he’d like to connect. :slight_smile: In any case, so happy I could help you get started! Bachi on!!