Accessories for Beginners Shamisen- Do i need a koma?

So I just bought my beginners Shamisen

I saw that there was a set, but its $123 dollars. I will buy a bachi.

Do I need a Koma?

Hi. Yes, you need a koma.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember reading/seeing a pencil used as a koma in a pinch. Can anyone back me up on this?

What Koma would you recommend? There’s a bamboo one, but its 48, and then there’s the Shinobi koma, which is cheaper, but it says its silent?

I am gonna be living in dorms hopefully when things get better, so would the shinobi koma would be nice, but im afraid I might not get the sound that I want.

I have never played an instrument before.

Silent koma is good for neighbors for sure.
Shamisen, even beginner one is quite loud.
So it is must to have if you have noise level concerns. Also good gor practicing now pieces to make sure nobody around get mad :wink:

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Is this true? It would be nice, I think I will be getting the shinobi koma

I have a Shinobi koma and it can be useful in certain conditions when the loud resonance of the dou is undesired. However, it is just not the same as using a regular koma (be it bamboo, bone-tipped or wood). If you haven’t already, take a look at the difference in Kyle’s videos:

I’m still trying to find a source for the “pencil” koma. I know I read/saw that somewhere… Of course, it was probably meant to be a temporary fix.

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I remember not pencil but chopstick. Post was something like somebody 5 cent koma

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Found it: