Accessories for my Shamisen

Hello, I had a question, you see I just got my first shamisen and I’m ordering the accessories bow but I don’t see a kamigoma in the store and if I’m correct I think my shamisen is a nagauta. Where can I order or get it?

Scroll to the bottom for Nagauta/Jiuta size kamigoma:

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Ah thankyou I couldent find it for some reason.

Oh and I could also use a recommendation is the in comparison which would you say is better the bamboo koma or the other one which is bone tip. I read the difference but I’d like to hear an opinion.

I don’t have an all-bamboo koma so I cannot comment on that. Comparing my bone-tip koma with the wooden koma that came with my ShamiBuddy, the bone tip is brighter to my ears. To me they’re equivalent, which you choose is a matter of personal preference. The only material I would actively avoid is plastic.

Okay, sounds good, yeah if anything I just wanted like an opinion from someone, thankyou again!