ACNH Theme song on Shamisen? ":D

Hey there! Would anyone here mind helpin’ a chill nerd out by helping me learn the ACNH theme song? ( ; w ; ) ;;;

Been looking for something fun to play during the quarantine holidays U__U

If you want to learn the main melody, I can help. I’ve made a quick tab-notation for shamisen as a pdf! I don’t think I can upload it here though? :thinking:


Hi there Luke!! Thank you sooo much for creating the tab-notations! ( ; w ; )
Would you be alright emailing me the PDF? I REALLY APPRECIATE IT :star_struck: ( )

I sent you the mail!

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Hey Luke! Would you be willing to share your tab for this with me as well? I’ve been looking to learn some vidya game music on my shamisen!!


Sure, no problem. I’ve sent you a mail!

Maybe I’ll do some more video game tabs in the future, if I find something that suits the shamisen :slight_smile:

Good sir could i get this as well? :pleading_face:

Sure, I do need an email though! You can send me a private message as well if you want.

If someone else also wants the notation, feel free to send me a private message with your mail as well!

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I Pmd you my email ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ