Ajigasawa jinku


Hi everyone, in Kyle’s book it has parts A, B and C.

I’m extremely new to the song and I’ve roughly memorised the notes but is there a specifically pattern to playing it? Or is it just A, B, C, repeat


Hi Jasman,
I know that with singing, it’s

A (solo) A B C A B C A (solo) A B C A B C, ending phrase.

So play A solo, then do ABC with singing, repeat ABC (with singing), then A solo again, then ABC (with singing) two more times, then the ending phrase.

At least, that’s the version I know, if you have a singer. Playing solo you could get away with shortening it to A ABC ABC end, or just ABC ABC end, without repeating the A, that’s how it’s written in Kyle’s book.

I hope this helps!


Hi Ian

Thank you so much for the help!
Definitely gonna write it down in Kyle’s book


Yw! This song is one of my favorites, it’s fun to play around with the different lengths and arrangements. Enjoy!


Jasman, but do you have to play it in somewhere? Because I have an idea… if you have to play it somewhere, the idea can’t be released… but if you, when will finish to learn it, can send me the file to me, I can sing it on smule with your shamisen!


That sounds like a great idea! I’ll have to see when I’m able to make a recording


Well… I have to have the romai lyrics, and I also have to know the pronunciation, since I know it’s more archaic-oriented (I can ok…). Can someone PM me the lyrics?