Any Biwa payer around?

Sorry for off topic. Just recently got and restored a bit an old chikuzen biwa.
Just curious if anybody here also plays biwa beside shamisen or other Japanese instruments (shinobu, shakuhachi, kokyu etc).
If someone have links on similar forums and info in English or Russian it would be great.
Sorry, have no idea how to rotate the attached photo. It is vertical originally.


I had purchased a student model koto at the very beginning of this year. It wasn’t too expensive and I had sold a 12-string guitar to buy it.
I love the sound of the biwa (and related pipa, bipa).
If I had a place to work wood…I wouldn’t be living in the city.
Keep us posted in this thread or something to see your progress.
Awesome to start a new chapter. <3

I have got a half size “travel” koto as well from Japan. I have an impression it was used at school at some point, just to give students an idea about traditional instruments.
I was thinking to buy full size one but shipping cost to Canada is enormous due to the size restrictions… :frowning:
Good part about this small one: it actually has pegs hidden in the box, so tuning does not requires 2 adults :wink:

I’d love to play the Biwa someday if I can get my hands on one. They have a wonderful sound.

I did take lessons from Yoka Hiraoka in US but not lately. The biwa notation is Chinese so closer to sanshin from Okinawa. If I look up her this is most relevant

Perhaps if search for that style of biwa and your rake lessons there will be more contacts.

I only have time for sanshin now so sorry…but wanted to give you information.


Thanks a lot for the link!
I have been playing some shamisen songs on biwa so far :wink: