Any people selling their shamisen


So i am looking for a tsugaru shamisen. I do have a nagauta, but it isn’t really agreeing with me. So i was wondering if anybody was selling their for 1000 or less?

Thanks in advance


Hi Mark
I have a couple of Shamisen available at the moment. If you go here - - you can see what I have at the moment. I’m also finishing off a new instrument made with Mai Daeng which is a very dense reddish wood well loved here in Thailand and Laos. I don’t have proper photos (other than what are to the bottom of the linked page below) of that one at the moment but I could send you a few if you’d like. I usually oil my Shamisen with Camelia oil but on the Naam Wan Shamisen and the current Mai Daeng one I’m finishing it with a french polish.

Here’s the link

I can also send you emails to people that have one of my instruments if you’d like if you’d like to ask any questions from them.



i do have a question about shipping for the yuki shamisen since it isn’t send from Thailand?


also, for how long have you been doing Iaido?


Hi Mark
I’ve been doing Iaido for around 20 years and Kendo for about 35 years. Haven’t been doing a lot of Iai lately but I do manage to get into Chiang Mai once in a while to practise kendo and also I’ll do some Iai before that practise at times.


Yeah. The shipping from Canada is pretty expensive. More than from Thailand. I’ll attach an image for you that gives a bit of a rough shipping quote. It could be a little different, depending on how my friend Tim were to pack it up.

Recent shipping of a mitsuori Shamisen from Thailand with express post came to around $155 US dollars. That was with EMS and it took about a week to get to him in California. The only thing with Thai EMS is that it is not possible to insure it for damage or loss. It comes with tracking and all that and so far no problems, but I’m afraid that once it leaves me all I can do is pray. Can’t really take responsibility at this point for problems. Still, like I said it did seem really reliable.


Here’s an image of the canada post (aka robber barons) quote



than i think i will buy the yuki


Ok. Fantastic, Mark. Thanks.
Maybe you should send your address to me by email and I can get things started.
I need to get in touch with Tim, who has the instrument in Alberta so that he can pack it up and take it to the post office for a quote.
There’s also a couple of caveats that I should let you know about.
Which method of shipping would work for you?