Any players in Vancouver BC or Victoria?


I posted this question a long time ago and had no response. (sad panda)
Perhaps there are some now?




Hello Sasha

I just got my nagauta shamisen and starting to learn in Burnaby, BC
It would be nice to get in touch and share experience!

Best regards,


Hi Alexey! That’s fantastic, congratulations for getting a hold of a shamisen, I know how challenging it can be!
Have you played before at all or is it your first time? What made you get one?

I ha e music scores galore here so ask away and I can send you some stuff!



Thanks! This is my first shamisen, so I am starting form scratch.
I just love the sound and wanted to learn a new instrument. As well I love Japan, so for me it was an obvious choice 8-).
I do have music education (10 year of piano, some guitar and bass guitar, some flute).

It would be wonderful if you can share some scores, something simple for starters!

Best regards,


Hey Alexey! Yeah man for sure! What is your email address?
I will scan some stuff and send it to you. The scores come with regular notations as well so you will be able to read them with zero issues I think!


Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


No worries. I will send you some stuff tonight.


I just got my second shamisen, I ordered it from Bachido. The raven is pretty awesome even though it’s quite bigger than my nagauta.


Cool! I have no idea when I would be able to afford tsugaru myself.