Any reviews for the Shabo Premier?

I recently watched a suggested video from tokyo Lens and saw they had suggested beginner shamisens and I saw what I think is an upgraded shabo.

Haven’t tried to inquire if item is still available for order but I plan to get this since the shipping might be easier from Japan.

Just wanted to ask foe reviews or suggestions on this item:

Thank you and Best Regards.

Haven’t tried it yet, but looks promising. Properly sized, sturdy, sound is quite ok, cheap price… even has a Sawari! If I had the Chance, I would give it a try.


The Shabo Premier is from the store I frequent most often - Shamisen Rakuya!

I’ve played on the premier at the shop. It’s definitely a step up from the standard shabo experiece, and it’s fairly close to a regular shamisen. The tone is slightly different, but you can get sawari response! Which is super important, in my opinion.

I don’t personally own one, but I’ve often considered grabbing one to keep at the office instead of lugging my performance instrument around daily.


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