Anybody fluent in Japanese?


Hello All

This is a photo of the inside label in my Nagauta Shamisen. Can anyone translate what does it says?

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Hey there

That tag gives information on when the skins were last changed!

They were done either for or by Mr. Nakagawa (中川様). Both sides are dog skin (両犬). The box under that is probably a date: October of the year 56 (56.19) - which is most likely Showa 56, or 1981.

The rectangle to the left appears to be about the shop which performed the repair. The city name is written (XX市) and the shop name is too 三味尚. I cannot make out the city’s kanji.

Adjacent to that is the phone number (電)The number is 82 - 1 0 98


Thanks a lot! My wife was able to read “dog” and “electricity” as well as “west river” and the numbers but knowing how the date was written helps. So, it is most likely was made in 60-70’s.


Looks like Suzuka City