Are accessories shipped in another package?

Bought a beginner shamisen and the related accessories but when i got the box inside there was only the shamisen. Did they forget to send me the accessories or do they send them separately?

Hi! The accessories are shipped by a sperate dealer. As stated on the shamisen buying page this is to keep the price lower.

So if i haven’t received any message about the accessory package it means they didn’t send it to me? I already paid for them more than a month ago.

Did they send you an e-mail with a shipping notice/tracking number? If not I’d e-mail Kyle.

If they did and it’s just not here yet, that’s to be expected. Currently Japan Post isn’t sending international packages by airmail or EMS, so everything goes by “surface mail”, i.e. by boat in this case, which I’ve been informed typically takes about two months currently. I ordered some accessories back in October. Going by the tracking data they left Japan on 10/22, shipping to the west coast of the US, and they’re still at sea somewhere (will probably arrive either next week or next year, shipping is crazy this time of year).

Hang in there!

Kyle only sent me the shipping code for the shamisen, that’s why i was wondering whether he forgot to send me the shipping code of the accessories or the suppliers forgot to ship them in the first place.
He didn’t read my message yesterday, maybe i’ll have to wait some more for his reply.