Are there any Shamisen players in Alaska?

I’m thinking of learning Shamisen and buying one online soon but I’d like to know if there’s anybody who lives in my state that plays it.

(I haven’t even ordered a Shamisen yet).

I finally have a Shamisen (got it at a local auction) but it needs to be repaired.

What kind of repairs does your shamisen need?

If you haven’t found anyone local that plays shamisen you can try contacting area cultural centers. They might be able to connect you with other musicians.

Consular Office of Japan in Anchorage - Culture & Education

Forgot to mention, I did finally meet a local shamisen player.
About my shamisen, the dou is cracked open in two places and it needs to be reskinned. I know a luthier who can glue it back together.
After it’s glued back together I’ll send it to Kyle to have it reskinned.

Also it’s missing a bachi, koma and it needs new strings but I can just order those here.

My dad actually is the one who bought it, he knew I wanted to learn shamisen and he got it for only 45 dollars on Alaska premier auctions.
Even though it’s broken that is quite a deal.
For only 45 dollars it’s absolutely worth repairing.

A shamisen for $45, even one that needs TLC, is an awesome find. Best wishes for speedy repairs so you can start playing. :musical_note:

It’s all together now!