At least got my Tsugaru💞

Well i think I made the most hard choice in my entire life hahaha between a PS5 or a Tsugaru… Well I’m not going to get blind soon tho :joy:
To be honest this is my first time on life making a big invest in a musical instrument, but cannot stop those songs on my head…

I had been studying the crash course which is amazing.
I got a shinobi koma so i had been able to play it all night long after work, i still haven’t tried yet with the bamboo koma :cry:
I wanna get the book shamisen from Japan, but seems it will take some time to get here if i buy it :cry:

If someone have some advices, some material to study are pretty welcome!

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That’s an awesome buy! Must have been a tough decision to make but I think you made the right one, haha.
Kyle’s book of a fantastic way to get started. Also, on the bachido school website you can take a whole bunch of online lessons as well. Speaking from experience, I highly recommend you take kyle’s lessons first as they are the easiest to follow and understand for new players. I also took some of Ten-Ten san’s lessons but because I understood the basics from Kyle, I was able to understand what she was talking about. Otherwise I would have struggled a bit.

Enjoy your new tsugaru!