Bachi and reskin

I am aware and searched but got lost in the comment threads of too many posts that I admit, kind of soured my taste for the posts.

Carbon fiber… I am an experienced Surfboard shaper who still has Clark Foam blanks in his possession… I am experienced with fiberglassing and carbon fiber surfboards. Can I make a Bachi using these materials? Carbon fiber has different density of weaves and I also made bamboo bike frames so is it feasible to make a nice Bachi using a combination of these materials?

For the skin, I’d rather go synthetic. I want to send one to Kyle to reskin but are there alternatives that are feasible? I have never reskinned a drum or it’s like so I’d appreciate input on this.

Thank you for considering my experiences in this matter… they simply don’t match up.

I would say use your skills and knowledge to make yourself a bachi! As for reskinning, I have ripple on mine. My other one has dog skin. They sound different but not in a bad way. I prefer ripple for durability as it is bomb proof. Dog skin will be affected by humidity and temp so you will have to reskin more often.

Hope this helps!


Oh also, photos of your new bachi would be awesome, haha

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Photos!! These are the FleaBay listing photos

They are very much up to par with the photos. I trust Japanese sellers for my other hobby in Photography and the seller descriptions have been totally spot on. I believe in the idea of Kintsugi ( and will use my experience to help things out.