Bachi ruination


So today my bachi slipped from my grasp while I was tuning. :unamused:

I guess my order of a new bachi a few days ago was prescient. :crystal_ball:


This is exactly why I ended up making the “abalone” bachi myself using leftovers as handle.
You still have another side till you got a new one.


Thankfully bachi are naturally double-sided but I am a little paranoid about it falling again. I should probably examine your “abalone” bachi closely in case I need to make an emergency repair.


Oh no, sorry to hear that xS
The exact same thing happened to me though last week :smiley:
I’m just glad it’s ‘just’ a plastic bachi to be honest.


I’m not the only one…yay? :sweat_smile:

I don’t consider the plastic bachi inexpensive but better something like this happen to a “$$” bachi, than a “$$$” or “$$$$” bachi.

I wonder if anyone has thought to add a strap attachment to bachi for those of us prone to dropping things? :smile:


I think the bachi rubber grip from the shop would do the job :wink:
mine slipped through my legs while tuning. Thighs aren’t really the best place for a bachi to rest I guess ^^’
The concept of a bachi strap is interesting, something like the nintendo wii remote control lol


If the rubber grip holds on pretty tight, you could probably tie a strap to one of those holes actually!


That’s exactly what I pictured in my head! :joy:

Sad fact #1: I have a rubber grip, I just didn’t think it was necessary to put it on this bachi since I viewed it as my temporary plectrum. :expressionless:

Sad fact #2: there was plenty of soft carpet and harmless sheet music for the bachi to land on, but it instead went point-first into a little plastic doodad the size of my big toe. What were the odds? :roll_eyes:

Interesting idea… I wonder if I have an old Wii strap lying around…