Bachido Blogcast E100


International shamisen attack! To appropriately celebrate the 100th episode of the Bachido Blogcast, we take a look at Team Bachido descending upon on the Tsugaru Shamisen Sekai Taikai in Hirosaki to take first place! As Kevin said, “If anything in the history of Bachido has truly been blogworthy, this is it!” Check it out!

Afterwards, I briefly reflect on the past and share a teaser about an exciting new weekly shamisen webinar, exclusively at Bachido! Be very excite, folks!

Many thanks for everyone’s support and dedication with Bachido! If all goes well, this is only the beginning of the exciting journey we will all have at Bachido!

Bachi on!!


I forgot how much I ended up wearing Adrian’s hat towards the end of this trip…




Cool. You guy’s did so well! Brings back some good memories of the trip for me too. Asahi beer in the park :slight_smile:


Thanks, Pete! It was great to meet you! I’ll be putting up our chat in one of the blogcasts in the coming weeks. (Wow, it was so loud in the taikai halls) Tanoshinde ne!

Here’s to meeting again in Japan again or EU!


Oh noes… hope I don’t sound like too much of a knob head :slight_smile:


Nothing to worry about! :wink:


Yeah good to meet you Pete! Sorry we couldn’t hang out longer !
Anyway great Blogcast as always Kyle! Wow! 100 !!! Way to go Bachido! And Thanks Karl H. For asking that fateful question!

Tons of great memories in this one! Thanks everyone!!!


Speaking of great memories, I found an improvised Jam session featuring Kyle Abbott and myself in which we sort of play around with Kita no Hibiki phrases off an on. Fun stuff…


Nice! Didn’t Kyle record all of us who did the improvs that day?


Yes I think he did! We’ll probably see more of that soon! But I’m mostly waiting to see our first In-Person meet with Karl Hedlund! Hahaha!


Speaking of getting in the motherf***ing car! I picked up my driver’s license today HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Manual stick shift bices!

They told him to get in the car. He took the car.


Hahahaha!!! I love how we managed to always slide back into Kita no Hibiki! :wink: That was a lot of fun.

Actually, what I most enjoyed was the first day, when we did on-the-spot story telling. First, one person would compose an oral story on the spot, complete with shamisen accompaniment. Then he would suggest a subject for the next person to compose a story around, and it kept going on and on. No video was made, unfortunately. I’d like to do that again. :slight_smile:

Congrats on getting your license, Karl!! Double clutch it, bro!

Yeah! I got improvs for everyone. I’ll be posting it all eventually. :slight_smile: The blog of the first in-person meeting with Karl is actually finished. I’ll post it this Sunday! :slight_smile: The rest of the jam videos will follow!


Did we have a in person meeting? Oh god… I was too tired to remember anything at all :smiley: