Bachido Blogcast E101 (Reigen Fujii)


I had the great pleasure to stay with Aomori champion Reigen Fujii! Having bought my book to learn how to make a shamisen himself, it was great to finally meet this young prodigy and listen to his thoughts on shamisen, as well as his own skill himself!

In the first part of this episode, Reigen san demonstrates how chords can compliment standard tsugaru pieces, including Tsugaru Jonkara. After a short interview about him and his introduction to chords, Reigen san concludes with a jazz performance of Spain! Ole!

Very fun to finally meet! And what’s more? He wants to make Bachido instructional courses to help others learn how to add chords to shamisen! Mega excite!

Note: It was midnight and I was hit hard with jet lag.


Bro! You forgot to add the link!


wow nice! and im not sure i ever heard flagolet sounds on a shamisen before


Already repeated this vid many times. That is a nice jam on jongara~


I really am liking those black and white itomaki. The chord style is fantastic, and similar to some of the stuff I’ve been trying to do myself. I didn’t catch if it mentions what exactly he lowered his tuning to, did anyone notice what his tuning is?


Its San Sagari which is how the bottom strings of a guitar are tuned. It means that the next string is the same as position 4 on the previous string. This makes all the notes reachable in one hand position.


Aw snap! Thanks for saving the day, Karl! It sure takes a village…

Thanks BH and Josh! Twas a lot of fun. :slight_smile: He’s really looking forward to the Shamisen Camp idea as well, and should be there!

Ah yes! Reigen is in San Sagari, and I’m still in Niagari.




wow nice!