Bachido Blogcast E102


It’s a special day here at Bachido! We are honored with a delightful visit from CAD extraordinaire Brian Chan, inventor of the Folding Ukulele (, designer of ShamiSpoons ( and much more! In today’s interview, Brian tells us how he got started, and shows us a few of his incredible works of art - The Foldable Shamisen and Foldable Er-Hu!

But that’s not all! Afterwards, I travel to Brian’s kingdom in Boston, where he unveils his new collapsible itomaki, a wood/aluminum shamisen koma, and his full size CNC-cut tsugaru shamisen!

Afterwards, we head into the shop where Brian uses a CNC machine to cut out parts of a full size sao for tsugaru shamisen. Whoa nellie!! All of it was a very eye-opening experience.


Really cool! You changed shamisen when trying out the aluminium koma so it was hard to get a sense of the difference in sound. Care to explain how it was?


wow what an enjoyable to watch blogcast not to mention its contents . . . especially funny I found the foldable erhu as in jaw droppingly efficiently designed :slight_smile:


and something about the sound of that aluminium koma made me imagine it could be a perfect basis for a distortion effects pedal / amp for a real heavy sounding result :slight_smile:


Absolutely stunning! Amazing fold out instruments!



I just traveled with my shamisen last week. I had the smaller travel case but it was one of my two carry-on bags. To be able to fold it up and put it in my backpack would have been cool! However, I do wonder about the skin once it is folded up. Would you then put the folded shamisen into a fukuro of some kind?


Indeed. Putting it in a fukuro, or at least wrapping it in a towel would be safe. :slight_smile: