Bachido Blogcast E68


Today, Kakejiku expert Ryosuke Ueda ( and myself (Kyle Abbott, went to the 2013 Japan Expo in Santa Clara. Twas the first animecon I had ever been too. Thus, had never seen so many tights before in my life. At first, it was a little uncomfortable. Physically, as I was carrying my heavier-than-normal shamisen on my back the whole time. Also, it really didn’t seem the place that I would be able to sell six copies of Shamisen of Japan. Later on, we discovered the Hougaku section (as I call it) which had a local koto kai, as well as local shakuhachi legend Masayuki Koga.

Later, we ran into Bachido member Xander, who was working one of the booths. He encouraged me to pull out the shamisen to put a little twang in the air.

Afterwards, we had a little discussion about spreading shamisen in the anime world. Basically, anime enthusiasts would probably love to start playing shamisen, as they’ve heard it in their favorite scenes. However, the connection with the instrument to their favorite medium must first be formed. If you have no interest/connection to minyo, would it motivate you to learn shamisen after hearing it live for the first time? I’m not sure. However! If you are otaku and heard your favorite scenes played live on shamisen? That would be a huge motivator of interest.

Admittedly, I haven’t really been into the anime world (though I’m sure is a jolly good world), and so I need your help! Any shamisen enthusiasts who also love anime, please tell me your favorite anime songs/ballads that you’d love to hear on shamisen! With any luck, I’ll be able to gather together some musicians and play these songs at such animecons in hopes of rousing up new shamisen players!


Umm I think you a have a very good point here. If someone likes anime, also usually likes japanese´s culture so, I think its a very good path to follow.

I like anime, not ichiban, but I like it. I hope I can help.

I will search for the openings of amines / doramas I have seen.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Opening

For me, best anime ever! I think you can obviate first electric guitar part. the singed part, I think its awesome! You can made a transcription for shamisen (umm I think I will like to play that! jeje)

Death note

All otakus knows deathnote XD

script is amazingly good, so you will rock with this.


nice anime, I get bored anyway when they reach shinigami´s land (it becomes slowy, I think I would give this anime a second chance, because its very good). Anyway, this song rocks a lot! When I lisen to it I think wooa, so fresh!!


Must be. Really its there anyone that not knows evangelion? The endings (yep, this anime has more that one ending) are not good, but really worth see this anime.

Nodame cantabile

I really like it because its about classical musicians. Really enjoyable!


I didnt see it, so I cant tell but, I know a lot of otakus like it.

**Inuyasha **

Saint seiya

The first one are the one of my childhood! As I know, the good one are the second, but with the fist you will have spaniards’ otakus freak out! :slight_smile:

Ranma 1/2

another one from my childhood :slight_smile:


And another one from my childhood! wow that really rocks! me and my sister sees that everyday! :slight_smile:

Wow, as I see, I really like more anime than I think! LOL! XD


Wow Paco really did it! I’ve seen a lot of Anime but not sure what music would be recognized as a lure for shamisenification.

I think this is a very good candidate for something that many would remember:


Yeah Pokemon! XD This will be ichiban otaku´s anime! jejeje

I think its like a cover, you usually recognices the original song, so It would work well :slight_smile:


Play this song to get everyone dressed in weird ninja-ish costumes pumped. It’s probably the easiest to cover, cuz it’s already got shamisen in it.


This is also kind of half-way Japanesey. This would play at the end of every episode during the “Coming next week!” part, so people should definitely know it. You only have to play the main theme, though. I don’t recognize the middle part at all.


Aaaannnnd this to make everyone fight. (They will take turns, however. That’s how it works in JRPG’s. Okay, maybe with this one they’ll do it in semi-real time.)

Why am I on a battle theme kick?


This is also kind of half-way Japanesey. This would play at the end of every episode during the “Coming next week!” part, so people should definitely know it. You only have to play the main theme, though. I don’t recognize the middle part at all.

Great Jaime!

I like that one too!!

What I like started at 2:02. This is an amazing song!

This one. Its name InuYasha Gensou



Naruto is full of awesome shamisen pieces. So i’d encourage you to learn some of the songs. Like the ones earlier but i love this song

at 0:48 is some shamisen.

And this one is full of awesomeness.

This s**t is the stuff that got me originally interested in shamisen.


Definately go with Naruto if you have someone with Shakuhachi with you. The actual shamisen parts in the Naruto songs are pretty short and the key melody is played with shakuhachi and electric guitar.


If we can count FFVII, then we can do samurai warriors too right? :wink:


Whoa ho! Great ideas everybody! :smiley: I’m writing these all down.

I have no idea what instrumentation I’ll have, but I hope there’d be at least one shakuhachi (if I can convince Karl Young to join in :wink: )


I think that the opening theme for Trigun would sound badass on Shamisen! I am going to try to learn it, but it’s going to be really hard to play.