Bachido Blogcast E81 - Tasting the Flame


On my final night in Florida, Bachido member Medusirena Marina prepares a ‘light’ snack. Thanks to a swigging of Pepto Bismol, heartburn was avoided!


That’s nothing compared to a cup of hot espresso!


. . . what’s the espresso with a flame on top (and some spirits within) called again? Great show and Medusirena sounded like she could give a no bs crash course anytime . . . :slight_smile:


Marina is fantastic and beautiful (^^;;


. . . and what I meant to say also was that I did not expect so much serious information after at first just seeing the “oh a fire show okay” blogcast cover picture . . . enjoyed that and can already picture myself at a carnival in town after a couple of whiskey shots . . . “hey gimme that . . .” . . . note to self . . . don’t drink at future carnival attractions or await extended crash course . . . :slight_smile: