Bachido Blogcast E83


As we saw in the previous blogcast, both Aki Takahashi and myself (as well as almost all of the members of the taiko group we played with) got struck down by the flu. At last, we recovered and could go out for a little busking!


アキさん、素晴らしい唄いです〜!!! カイルともイキピッタリ(^_^)


Arigato~! Hearing Aki sing is really inspiring for me to start learning to sing minyo as well. Just building up the confidence is the main problem. :wink:


Awesome! Aki can really sing! Powerful! But that shamisen player should stop playing the instrument. I’d say it’s the worst performance I’ve ever heard. :wink:

(sounds good Kyle!)


wow nice you guys should hit the studio (hehe)!!!


Karl: Har har har… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yeah, she has a seriously powerful singing voice (which can be surprising as her speaking voice is rather soft) that projects very far.

BH: Actually, that’s what we did! :slight_smile: When we first jammed earlier this year, the combination was so great, I thought, “Dayum, we could really make this jam into an album!” So I was already planning on some heavy studio time when Takahashi san was scheduled to come out. After performing together at the Sac Taiko Dan’s anniversary concert, there were many, many requests for a duet album, which gave me more confidence that it was a good decision. :slight_smile:

Anywho, so last week we recorded loads of scratch tracks. There wasn’t enough time to actually record final tracks, but because she works at a studio in Toronto, she can layer final tracks over the scratch tracks and I can do the same here! The beauty of modern day recording! :slight_smile:

Most likely it will be done… perhaps May 2014? Hopefully earlier though. :slight_smile:


super beautiful Kyle!


May 2014 that sounds good too I was of course joking and thought an album would be released even earlier since as the occasional lurker on this forum (or maybe on facebook) I did notice your earlier mentioning of plans to that effect and yeah awesome scope of collaboration options these days even for a professional recording to have these options cool stuff “super beautiful Kyle” although without having seen you in full bearded attire I am reluctant to straightforwardly agree with that after all a full beard can look way cool too . . . :slight_smile: