Bachido Blogcast E84


After a long, fun-filled night at ‘Dadan’ (the minyo sakaba), we wake up the next day to return to the Tsugaru Shamisen Zenkoku Taikai in Hirosaki!!

One major highlight of the day was Jamie introducing himself to Kenichi Yoshida (of the Yoshida Brothers) and showing his skill to him. That doesn’t happen every day!

Then, we all get together to rehearse. We practiced anywhere we could. Crammed in a small room, in the ‘dining hall’ of the ryokan, to the hallway at the taikai. We just had to get that practice wherever we could! Interestingly, our timing/speed didn’t change at all. (We didn’t use a metronome or anything) We were almost ready for the stage!




Karl, though I didn’t caption it, there were three other shamisen “legends” (not as popular worldwide as the Yoshida Brothers, but famous in the shamiworld) who’s heads popped into the video frame. :slight_smile:


Jamie really got a great chance(^O^) やったあ!!!