Bachido Blogcast E85


We had what would be called the Nightmare After Christmas. The sewer pipe under the house had busted in two places. The pipes are about 100 years old, so that’s understandable. Anywho, not knowing this had happened, everything from the drains had soaked into the dirt. The dirt turned to mud and oozed back in the main pipe, fully clogging it.

So, that has been our project these past few days!

Everything should be working soon, but unfortunately there’s no time to make a full length blogcast, so see you next week and have a happy new year!


I can sympathize with your mishap. We had something very similar happen during Thanksgiving, except ours was with out kitchen pipe (since our kitchen and bathrooms have separate sewer pipes) and it took several days to fix. So we had all those dirty dishes left over from Thanksgiving dinner and no way to wash them since the water wouldn’t drain. Hopefully you have gotten everything sorted out by now.


Oh … Shame on me for already finding regular gardening unpleasant :slight_smile: