Bachido Blogcast E92


At the end of the taikai, it was time for the award ceremony. Team Bachido ended up taking 3rd place! Now, that might seem not as impressive considering there were only three teams competing in the division, but when examining the point score, we had only ten fewer points than 2nd place, so that’s pretty encouraging!

After packing up and saying our goodbyes, we drove back to Fujimirando for a night of rejoice and karaoke!


What wonderful memories!!! Got so encouraged to join in the next Taikai \(^o^)/


Kinda bummed that random clip of Jamie and I walking around didn’t get added to this. That ish was hilarious!


Oh, haha! Adrian is referring to this clip.

I wasn’t sure Jamie or him wanted it in there, so I left it out to be safe. :wink:


Tis but a fraction of the ridiculousness that was the 2013 Team Bachido Tour.


Seriously, man, “Baston”? Where the hell is “Baston”?


Baston is like…over on the other side of the world. And by “the world”, I mean 'Murica, of course. It’s on the Atlantic Coast, between New York and Miami. That’s my geographical understand, at least.