Bachido Blogcast E93


With the tour of Team Bachido over, we take some time off to go to the Misawa aviation museum to refilm a classic - Lady GaGa : Paparazzi on Shamisen in an Airplane! But this time, we set out to play Ninjari Ban Ban! Not only that, we did our best to move the same way and say the same things we did three years ago in the Lady Gaga version. What really solidified the production was Grant had the same color pants that he wore three years ago!

This is more of a behind-the-scenes look into the production. Here is the final version edited and uploaded by Kevin.

And if you’re interested, here is the original Lady GaGa : Paparazzi on Shamisen in an Airplane!


When I fired up the blogcast video, I was trying for the life of me to figure out what reggae song is playing in the background. Then I realized that was when I had mixed super-slowed-down Ninja-ri ban ban with Nitta-san’s voice from the Kita no Hibiki video intro sampled over the top. Oh man…ridiculous times.


Who is the Japanese lady filming? Mind your language Kevin :smiley:

Even though you filmed with a handycam I got the impression that you got a quite cool sound in that cockpit.


Adrian: Hahaha!! It took me a while to figure that out too. :wink:

Karl: That is Kevin’s mother, Yoko Kmetz! :slight_smile:

I don’t even remember. I was still running on 3~4 hours of sleep.


Yo Adrian, where can I get me a copy of that Ninja-ri Ban Dub? I want to chill out to that shit.


Unfortunately I did not record it; that was all just live work. That being said, when I get the new mixing software that I’ve been eye-ing, I will see about making an “official” Nitta-ban-ban (Ninjari-dub).


Noooo, I need Kyary Dubyu Dubyuuuu