Bachido Blogcast E94


Well, the Tour of Team Bachido 2014 draws nigh and we haven’t even used all the footage from last year! Thus, the stories have been condensed in order to conclude all the adventures from the Japan trip.

In this episode, Adrian and I return to Tokyo, where we meet Bachido member Norm Nakamura and attend the Bachido Gathering (footage coming soon)! Afterwards, I meet up with Bachido members Celia and Keith to head to the Skytree. Lastly, I meet up with Team Bachido members Lihao, Emelia and Nahomi and we head off to a great sakaba in Nakano called 一楽一線.


Okay celia and keiths blogcast entrance freaked me out a bit after having treated myself to roughly a bottle of wine . . . :slight_smile:

Great though and it is sort of cool that coverage of last years taikai would span a whole year seamlessly blending into and making one look forward to (coverage of the as for me) next one …

Ah as i got the shamisen feel for real on my loooong sao stretch your fingers nagauta kouki and have resurected my selfmade acacia sem stick to practice / learn by heart ringo bushi in the car i feel i could possibly contribute one of the simpler options to the tune of kita no hibiki too … Awesome the whole concept of allowing beginners to take part in the performance and in a way that makes sense too and too bad i cant join in on the fun . . .

… Nice suit Norm … Something i would consider wearing myself in case i ever make it to an official bachido gathering :slight_smile: