Bachido Blogcast E95


Well, the Tour of Team Bachido 2014 draws nigh and we haven’t even used all the footage from last year! Thus, the stories have been condensed in order to conclude all the adventures from the Japan trip.

In this episode, Kevin and I meet with Nitta san in Sapporo to perform a delightful house concert and enjoy some casual street performing at hanami time in the park!

Also, we take a peek into the office of the Bachido Store - Nitta san’s house. For those who have ordered products from the Bachido Store last year, this is where everything was assembled and packaged! Recently, the order process was changed so product are shipped direct from shamisen shops. Today, Nitta san is assembling an order for long-time Bachido Finnish member Ortjo!


Haha love it!


What a fantastic improv!


Oh, how exciting to see the process Nitta san sending Mugen for Otjo!!!
I also love the improvisation, the evolved and westernized Kokiriko Bushi.
The Scaborough Fair that has been Japanised is great. I enjoyed singing along.
Thanks for this Blogcast(^O^)/