Bachido Warehouse


So I just saw this exists haha

And from what I could gleam the only difference is that the products are sold in yen instead of USD? Never knew there was a second site, and it has some neat info but I’m just wondering if the payment method is the only difference lol.


Hi Ian!
Ah yes, my partner (who skins and ships the Beginner’s Shamisen, Sakura, Eclipse and Akatsuki) decided to set up that website so it would be easier for non-English-speaking Japanese folks to order the Bachido products in Japan. :slight_smile: (We do have a JP language branch on Bachido, but I’ve been a bit lazy about updating it for the newer products)
Payment method is the only difference. :wink:


Thanks for the reply! That’s neat to know about, thank you for explaining! :smiley: