Bad Apple sooo amazing

Its so an fu###### amazing pice of music.

yeah that one is the sh**! definitely one of my favorite tunes and performances too . . .

what the… I was lisening now /just that version!), I open the formun, and I see this post :open_mouth:

more fist fu####### owesomnessssss

what the… I was lisening now /just that version!), I open the formun, and I see this post :open_mouth:

Paco, this phenomenon is what I call a “Bachido thing”. Just like when you ran into Kevin at Narita because he decided to wait in the lobby another 10 minutes. :slight_smile:

Whoa nellie!! That was really awesome!! Great flow of both performances! Thanks for sharing, Sascha!! :slight_smile:

By the way, if you remove the ‘s’ in ‘https://’ then the youtube window will show up in the thread. :slight_smile:
Like this


I also noticed you have to start the video on a new line. If you do

Hey guys here’s a cool video: http://…

it won’t be included.

The song is epic, but in the performance in the first post of the thread I felt the shamisen(s) was out of tune, or the notes were not picked right. That really ruined it for me as there are so many other instruments at the same time. I would generally say it is the flute that is the source of the off-pitch, but since the flutes sounded good together I’ll have to blame the shamisen!

way cool :slight_smile: that second clip . . . of course when I read fist I thought whoah we are gathering more and more expressions that could be compiled into cool song lyrics sometime Kyle keep track of this for another forum inspired song sometime this time with lyrics made out of wordings picked up from actual forum comments . . . :slight_smile:

Anyone know where I could find the sheet music?

My internet search came up empty. :disappointed:

You could try emailing the arranger, Yorihide Fukushima, and asking if sheet music is available.

I’ll definite try that but the website is in complete Japanese…hopefully they’ll be able to read my request or at least put it into google translate!