Bagging it(Fukuro in case question)

So, just recently got the Raven shamisen and have bought a padded mitsuori hard case
for protection and storage :slight_smile:

Unfortunately notice a few scratches on the dou recently, so was wondering if
wrapping the shamisen bits in fukuro while in the case would reduce the scratches/dings ,

Well, of course!

I generally keep my instruments in a washibukuro and silk or tetoron nagabukuro full time. They live in their cases for further safety.

That said, if you’re seeing actual dings and damage to the dou… you really need to take another look at the case’s interior. It shouldn’t be damaging it.

Indeed, weirdest thing too, the scratch is on one of the four edges of the dou and the entire case is padded…might be doumaki related?