Ballistic nylon as the skin. 1st try


Trying on the back side of “silent shamisen” just to check if the glue would hold it in place at all.

Need to speed up the skin stretcher build as those clamps fall apart at the certain tension 8-(


The first glue I have used did not work.
Trying with a different one.


You should tag Kyle on your “glue for hibiki” post. He could probably save you some guess work.


Good point. He does Hibiki reskinning himself.

@Kyle_Abbott, can you please share the trade secret on what glue you use for Hibiki and alike?


Hi Alexey! (Thanks for the tagging suggestion, Marylin! :slight_smile: )

All synthetic skins in Japan (including Hibiki) are attached with industrial strength super glue.



Thanks Kyle! As I thought.
Do you have any specific glue brand or number by the chance?
As it is hundreds of the “industrial strength super glues” (mostly CA type).
My understanding it would require a “professional” type stretching machine with an ability to pre-stretch the material before pressing it on the dou as the open time for this kind of glue is very short and “classic” method of stretching wold be impossible.


I use Aron Alpha (which is the same company as Crazy Glue, I believe). You’re correct, the skin needs to be pre-stretched as the glue sets very fast. It’s possible System III T-88 epoxy might work? (very long open time and about 7000lb strength)


I see. I was thinking using Slo-Zap CA glue with setting time of 30 seconds. Epoxy might work as well.