Barbie Girl(AQUA) Shamisen cover


I posted my new shamisen playing video on Youtube.
This song is groovy, energetic, and so fun to play on shamisen.
I’m so glad if you enjoy it.



Amazing as always! Never thought I’d hear this on shamisen but it works so well :smiley:


Wow this brings back memories, I feel old now. Awesome cover!!


Thank you!
I found that the tune is a little similar to minyo songs or Japanese traditional music (or maybe just my imagination). And it worked well on shamisen as a result.
This song makes me feel old too haha…


Hey that’s a really Great Shamisen cover. I also love covering pop songs on Shamisen. We should jam someday!


I’ve listened your amazing shamisen covers so many times on YouTube, and they are always inspiring to me. I hope to jam with you someday.


Excellent cover! It never ceases to surprise me what awesome pop songs can be played on the shamisen- this works so well, just as many of Kevin’s songs have done so. Well done!


Thank you!
I think shamisen is such a potential instrument, and that’s why I love it.


I love this cover. You did! it’s really great!




This was immediately added to my personal playlist for shamisen music. I also felt old when listening to this. Although I was just a kid when it originally came out… :slight_smile:

On a different note, I’ve started a list of songs I think would work well for shamisen covers. You know, for when I eventually get the chops necessary to be able to do covers. Probably won’t be anytime soon, but I got plans!


I’m looking forward to your shamisen covers!