Beautiful Tsugaru Shamisen for Sale

Selling my Shamisen.
It is a Futozao Tsugsru style Shamisen. The neck is a Mitsori Sao made from beautiful Kouki wood. It has high end features such as kinbozo, the gold fittings inside the neck joints. It even has ‘suberenai itomaki’, which prevent the tuning pegs from slipping out.
The neck is slightly longer than normal so you can play even higher notes like in Nitta Ryu style. Original skin is on it and presently still intact. I bought this Shamisen from Nitta San through Bachido when I was living in Japan. It has a nice full sound. It was fitted with a new sawari and given a tune up by Shamisen Katoh a few years ago including the Itomaki .

Selling for $2500.00 Comes with a blue cloth fukuro, 2 rice paper fukuro for the Dou, a saofuki (cleaning cloth), and strings. Also included 2 Dou and Tenjin covers.
Send me a message or email me if you are interested or would like photos (