Bekkou Bachi or Faux Bekkou Bachi?

Hello peeps!
Well lately got hooked into auctions… “A bit addicted” :rofl:
Well i got this 3 guys from an auction, it was around $75 usd “it was in japanese yen”, well i might had been scammed tho lol who knows.

I’m begginer but i can tell you that there’s a big difference when I play with this 3 instead my plastic Bachi, ok the thing is that I don’t know if they are faux bekkou or bekkou, they are pretty amazing flexible, i will put some pictures with their size. “Sorry because are a few pictures…” If someone can give me a hand inspecting them would be grateful"
Ok here goes the A, this seems to be more long and even the blade is a bit long, but is feel pretty amazing to using this as well, hitting the skin had become easier tho. It have the kanji 一枚甲 > Ichi-maikō > one piece?

Now we go to the B, this seems that got fixed, like a small part of the handle got broken and the put a bolt inside, flexibility is good as well.

ok here come the C, i had realized that the flexibilty of this it might be a bit better than B, hitting the skin is easier like the A Bachi ‘‘it might be just in my head the difference tho’’, it has the kanji 本龍甲 > Honryūkō is pretty hard to get the meaning, somehow i get the meaning as Dragon, when i put the blade into the light it seems to have a darker color.

Well sorry for uploading many pictures in a row T~T
and thanks in advance!

Hey there

As I posted on facebook, you have 3 bekkou bachi. One (B) has an additional weight inserted into the bottom. Those marked with 1枚甲 are the same brand preferred by the Yoshida Kyoudai (as @Toshi_Shamimaster stated). I personally don’t like them very much, but they’re not bad at all!

The sticker you read as 本龍甲 is probably 本鼈甲. This means “Real Bekkou”.

Cheers on the find.

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Wow thank you brown!
Lucky that got a lot deal then😵