Bekkou Regulation Questions (USA)

I wanted to see if anyone was familiar with bekkou regulations in the US. From what I’ve read its illegal to import it or transport it across state lines unless you have documentation that its antique. Is this correct? I was looking at having a bekkou bachi shipped to me, but would rather not face a felony charge.

It’s definitely illegal to import it as it’s banned by CITES. Whether or not it is legal to own in your state varies. Generally speaking US states frown upon it.

Thanks for this reply! I thought as much but wanted to confirm. I was leaning towards finding a good alternative anyways as I don’t want to harm the turtle population.

There is some exceptions, but most of the times it is illegal to import and export Bekko. Especially newly made.
Otherwise you would have to provide documents what it is part of your household (let say you moving to US and bring it with you) or was manufactured before the species was added to CITES. In this case you MUST declare the material it made from.
Some people get it shipped as Faux Bekko but if you got checked by chance - good luck to prove you did not know what material it was made of.
Withing US you can do whatever you want.

This is not accurate. Different states have very different rules in place. Where I live they almost passed a law that would have made it illegal just to possess ivory, bekkou, genuine mother of pearl, etc. Thankfully it was vetoed.

Ok, saying what you can do whatever you want was a bit of overestimate. Yes, some states more strict, but for bekko and even ivory so far you can even cross the Federal border if it is your personal item and you are not carrying it in order to sell you fall under exception.

Ok, was wrong about Ivory. From 2016 only some antique items and musical instruments with ivory volume no more than 20% with proper paperworks and known manufacturing date can be sold.

That says… I haven’t had any problems receiving or sending some bachi through the mail in the US. Though some risk is certain.