Buying First Shamisen

Hello, so I want to buy my first shamisen, and I found this one on etsy, but I am also looking at kyles beginner shamisen. Can anyone share some advice on the right move?

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I don’t know the vendor but the set looks pretty good and I can’t find anything in the description which alarm me. I asked the vendor for some question and he answered me in daytime. So it looks pretty nice for me :slight_smile:
Please share your experience if you buy it, I’m thinking about buying one for myself too :smiley:

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i bought a shamisen from them, a tsugaru karin one. its great! the sawari is nice, the bachi too. i love it. the skin is also very tight. it seems as if the skin is glued on with regular glue instead or rice glue though. took a whole month to get to america, but definitely worth the wait.

I can confirm that synthetic skins (Kyle’s included) are glued with a special very-high resistance glue, that will last for many many years. Rice glue cannot hold synthetic skin at the tightness that it is applied.

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