Can I use a kankara sanshin to play nagauta and others style?

I’m a new enthusiast, I want to know if I can play kankara sanshin like a shamisen, at least for learning
(Illustrative picture)

Hi there, welcome.

Generally speaking, you can play anything on anything - with the caveat that you’ll occasionally miss out on “accurate” sound or play-feel.

You could, if so inclined, learn to play nagauta (and tsugaru) on a regular or kankara-sanshin… but know that the sound will be dramatically different. The neck length is also different, so you won’t really be able to learn the positions. The play style (unless you opt to reject orthdox bachi use in the future) will also be very different.

Sanshin are their own thing :slight_smile:

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I plan to build kankara sanshin with sawari and use bachi for better adaptation