Can You Make a Dark Mode option?

I Made this quickly using inspect element but can you make this an option (with brighter text of course) I think it makes it look nicer and doesn’t blind be at 3 am reading thru all these post.

I made the top purple.I still havent figured out how to change the blue on purple and the text to make it brighter.

I would like to here yall’s opinion on the matter,especially your’s @Kyle_Abbott.

Ooh, that’s a cool idea! I’ll have to ask my brother, who designed the website. :slight_smile: I’ll send him a note and see if such magic could be possible!

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Turns out my browser has a mode that turns pages into dark mode.

Cool! I also just heard from my bro. “If they go to their profile preferences, then to Interface, they can change their theme from “Light” to “Dark”.” :slight_smile:

Guess we know now. :slightly_smiling_face:

“Dark” is a lot easier on the eyes. Any chance it can also be made an option for the schoolhouse?

Unfortunately outside of the forum, the dark mode wouldn’t really work well. This is because most pictures have been made with a white background (to blend in with the website), and the videos usually have white backgrounds as well. Thus, if there was a dark mode, the sides and text areas would be dark, but anything with video or pictures would be white. I’m thinking that contrast might be even harsher on the eyes? :frowning:

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Actually, it feels like being in a theater to me, but I understand how it might cause problems with other elements that were designed to be against a white background. Never hurts to ask though. :slightly_smiling_face: