Chord Charts


Hi all!
I’ve been working on chords recently by ear, but when I went to the old post on the blog by Denver the files were down and seem to have been for a long time now.
Just wondering, does anyone have chord charts (for shamisen, of course :p) that they wouldn’t mind sharing?


What’s a chort chart?


It’s a sheet with the finger position for different chords on it. There used to be a downloadable one but it’s gone now so I’m wondering if anyone has it or one like it and wouldn’t mind sharing.


Kevin does make mention of some chords in this video. Though it’s not exactly a chord chart, he does go over some basic ones. Once you figure out what they are, it’s not hard to transpose them onto other positions of the neck. In fact, the standard Ni Agari tuning for Shamisen is an interval (Not technically a chord since it’s 2 seperate notes. Just one of them is an octave) that can be transposed onto any part of the neck, AKA a power “chord” (again, the word Chord is a misonomer xD)


If you’re talking about this blog post:

I have a copy of it here:



a video?


If is it a sheet, for what song?


It doesn’t concern a particular song, it’s a sheet for the fingers positions to make chords. Sakura, it’s explained just above in this thread ! Ian already gave the explanation to you…


@Aimi that’s looks great, I watch that later. It’ll be really useful, thanks!
Edit: just watched it, that’s perfect! Thanks so much.
@joel that’s exactly what I was hoping for, thank you so much!


Oops… in the morning, when I’m at school (I reply when the teacher is testing other people), I go a bit too fast…


Once I thought that shamisen isn’t the good instruments for playing chords, but my thought changed after watching amazing shamisen cover videos by Bachido players.
I also play various kinds of songs with shamisen, and these charts and video are so instructive to me! I really appreciate these.